HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A Texas A&M women’s basketball player and her twin sister were arrested in May on charges of injury to an elderly person.

According to Harris County court records, Caylinne Martin and her sister Corinne allegedly caused bodily injury to a man over 65 years old by striking him during an incident late last year.

Caylinne Martin has been suspended indefinitely from the women’s basketball team. Corinne Martin once served as the team’s manager, but is set to graduate in August and is no longer with the TAMU Athletic Department.

The incident happened on Christmas Eve 2017. Police say the Martin sisters were part of a group that included at least three others. The victim said the group of five allegedly entered his apartment and struck him and his son multiple times.

During the altercation, the victim claims he was able to bite down on Corinne Martin’s thumb, drawing blood and prompting Caylinne Martin to strike him.

Police say the victims identified both Martin sisters as the attackers. Caylinne Martin has denied her involvement in the incident.

Caylinne transferred to A&M from McLennan Community College before the 2016 basketball season.

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