Cesar Lopez (DCSO. WPDE background)

Cesar Antonio Lopez is charged with criminal sexual conduct first degree and kidnapping after a woman was raped Saturday night in the bathroom of a dormitory at Coker College on East Carolina Avenue in Hartsville, according to a police report from the Hartsville Police Department.

The incident report says the incident happened at a party around 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

The report says the woman, “Stated that a male that she only knew as Cesar, but was later identified as Cesar Lopez approached her wanting some of her drink. She stated that he pushed her into the bathroom and into the shower. She stated that she yelled but that there was a bunch of music in the background due to the party.”

The police report goes on to say the woman, “Sobered up because she figured what was about to happen. She stated that she then said a few profanities wanting to know what he was doing. She stated that he then pushed her mouth with his forearm so that her words were muffled. She stated that he then grabbed one of her arms and was straddling her waist. She stated that she was wearing a skirt and then he forcefully pulled her underwear down,” and penetrated her without a condom.

She stated in the report that, “After he finished all he stated to her was “you can go.” She stated that she ran out of the room and called her friend.”

According to the incident report, the woman’s friends took her to the hospital where a sexual assault kit was done on her.

The warrant against Lopez says that on “4/29/2018 the defendant, (Cesar Lopez) did commit the offense of criminal sexual conduct first degree to wit: that the defendant did forcefully hold the victim against her will and commit sexual battery without the defendant’s consent. This event happened in the bathroom at 459 East Carolina Ave., which is in the city of Hartsville in Darlington County. Probable cause is based on evidence collected and defendant statements along with victim statement.”

The school’s website lists Lopez as a member of the 2017-18 Men’s Soccer team.

Coker College Vice President for External Relations Professor of Music Dr. William Carswell released the following statement regarding the incident:

Our primary concern is always, first and foremost, the safety of our students and the wellbeing of our college community. While the college is unable to release details regarding individual students, rest assured that our administration has been cooperating fully with local law enforcement and following established protocol regarding this weekend’s events.

Lopez is being held in the W. Glen Campbell Detention Center in Darlington County on a $100,000 bond.

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