A week after his arrest, details were released regarding the incident that led to domestic violence charges being filed against former Northern Arizona men’s basketball player Lenell Henry.

Charged with misdemeanor assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct, Henry allegedly broke the victim’s key fob, damaged her glasses and pushed her repeatedly onto a bed in order to prevent her from getting her phone back from him.

The incident, which was first reported to the Northern Arizona University Police Department on the afternoon of Jan. 29, occurred on Jan. 17 around 8 p.m. at the South Village Apartments. Henry and the alleged victim were arguing over the status of their relationship and commitment to each other, with the 6-foot-8 Henry taking possession of the victim’s phone.

Standing more than a foot shorter than Henry, the alleged victim fought to take the phone back and claimed in the report that as she did so, Henry pushed her back onto the bed, resulting in bruises to her thigh and wrist after hitting the frame and bedpost.

As the argument intensified, the two ended up outside after Henry punched out the screen window and threw the victim’s personal items through it. Henry escalated the fight by taking her glasses and purse in order to prevent her from leaving, eventually throwing the glasses into a garbage can, damaging them, after the victim said she spit on him and further enraged him.

He followed up by smashing her sensor key on the ground. When the alleged victim said she began to cry, Henry calmed down and convinced her to stay the night, attempting to fix the key fob in the morning. Claiming she was afraid to leave, especially with her car there unable to start with a broken key, the victim agreed to stay.

Additionally, both Henry and the alleged victim stated that current Northern Arizona men’s basketball player Carlos Hines was present during the Jan. 17 incident. The victim said she tried to motion that she needed help and he should have been able to hear the incident, while Henry says Hines did not have any understanding of what was taking place.

After temporarily reconciling, the victim said she ended the relationship for good on Jan. 21 as Henry resumed his possessive behavior and she feared what could happen next. Electing to report the incident 12 days later, the victim provided details on the cost of the damage, estimated to be around $550.

Screen captures of text messages show Henry tried to contact the alleged victim after she reported the incident on Jan. 29, as he said he wanted to pay for the broken key fob. NAU’s police department contacted Henry on Jan. 30, with his arrest coming after he voluntarily arrived to give his statement.

The alleged victim cited Henry’s emotional state as one filled with aggression and possessiveness, including a message of “I will kill you” in late December, although she said he had done so previously in a joking way. Throughout their relationship, which began in October after meeting in September, the victim said the two split up at times, with Henry becoming suspicious of her interactions with other men and at one point admitting to going through her things.

Northern Arizona head coach Jack Murphy stated Feb. 1 Henry had left the school and was no longer a member of the basketball team. The 19-year-old freshman had been released from jail on Jan. 31, and his next court appearance is scheduled for March 6 in Flagstaff Justice Court.

Prior to his suspension and release from the team, the freshman from Chicago had played in 19 games, averaging 11.8 minutes with 3.6 points and 2.9 rebounds per game.

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