Former basketball player arrested, charged with identity fraud

Form Kennesaw State basketball player, Romain Henry. Photo credit: Photo Courtesy of Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office

A former Kennesaw State basketball player was released on bond Friday, Feb. 23, from the Gwinnett County Detention Center after he was arrested for his supposed involvement in a $3 million identity fraud case.

According to the AJC, Romain Henry, 28, played two seasons at KSU between 2010 and 2012. He was arrested Feb. 19 on charges of identity theft fraud and theft by deception, and he is only one of three men being charged for a connection to an alleged identity theft ring.

Stanly Stany has also been arrested in connection with the identity theft ring, but supposed ringleader Rafael Rosemond is still wanted by police, according to the AJC.

The group supposedly created fake identities using fake names and birthdays but had access to real social security numbers. Police believe that the group used the fake identities to buy prepaid debit cards at Walmart stores around Georgia.

The trio spent up to a total of $3 million in 124 of the 205 Walmart locations in Georgia, according to the AJC.

In 2016, suspicion was raised when Henry tried to use multiple credit cards to make a purchase at a Dekalb Walmart. Police were called but were unable to apprehend Henry because he said he never made a purchase. With no evidence of any crime, the Dekalb police officers decided to let him go.

According to his inmate record from the Gwinnett County Detention Center, Henry’s bond was set at nearly $3,000.

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