Jeff Moe, a member of Iowa basketball’s 1,000 points club, was arrested in Indianapolis on Monday. He allegedly attacked a local lawmaker during a public hearing.

Moe is a real estate developer in his native Indianapolis. On Monday, he attended a meeting of the Alcohol Beverage Board, also attended by city councilman Jeff Miller.

Miller had previously testified against Moe in a separate liquor license matter. Moe owns a local strip club in Indianapolis.

Jeff Moe faces four charges after allegedly slamming Miller’s head against a wall.

There are discrepancies over what actually happened in the attack. From The Gazette:

Police say Moe grabbed Miller by the throat, and slammed his head against a wall. Moe said he didn’t grab Miller’s neck. He was charged with two felonies and two misdemeanors.

“I grabbed his shirt and shook him,” was what Moe said he did when he was interviewed Wednesday on Indianapolis’ Fox Sports 975 radio station.

“I shook him for five or six seconds.”

Investigators found scratch marks and redness along Miller’s neck, according to court documents. The documents state Moe pushed Miller against a marble wall, and Miller’s head struck the wall twice. Miller was examined by medics on the scene, and released.

Moe faces four charges stemming from the incident: criminal confinement, strangulation, battery resulting in bodily harm and disorderly conduct. He posted a $7,500 bond, and was released after spending Monday in jail.

During the radio interview with FOX Sports 975 Moe accused Miller of “stealing people’s liquor licenses.” The Monday hearing was for a local liquor store called Liquor Barn, and not Moe’s club.

Miller, the congressman, faces legal issues of its own. In November, he was charged with three counts of child molestation.

Moe played basketball at Iowa from 1984-88. He is best known for his big performances against Bobby Knight’s Indiana Hoosiers. He finished his Hawkeyes career with over 1,200 points.

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