Cory McGinnis

It was originally reported that Actor Tim Allen was Cory McGinnis’ uncle.

A reliable source tells KDKA-TV that McGinnis is not actor Allen’s nephew, as reported by and Auburn University Montgomery’s website.

Cory McGinnis
Cory McGinnis

Instead, McGinnis is Allen’s wife’s sister’s husband’s brother’s son.

A strange break-in has occurred over the weekend with a former professional baseball player, who was allegedly found by police fast asleep with slices of pizza scattered around.

Cory McGinnis, 26, of Gibsonia, is charged with burglary.

He played on minor league teams for the Chicago White Sox and was even drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates but never signed.
But police say when McGinnis broke into a South Side business; he didn’t make any improvements. He did, however, make himself at home.

“It was locked, and he kicked and smashed it out,” said Phil LaBoon as he explained how an intruder broke into the business Eyeflow Internet Marketing on East Carson Street. “It was an enormou thick glass, and he just kicked his way through it.”

The company had had a pizza party on Friday, and LaBoon says the intruder found the leftovers.

“So the fridge was filled with leftover pizza, and he came in and just dumped a whole bunch of stuff out including pizza, and there were trails of pizza leading to the backroom,” said LaBoon.

That backroom is where police responding the burglar alarm say they found McGinnis sound asleep.

“He went through our office and got all the pillows from outside and the other offices and then he made kind of a little bed here,” said LaBoon, as he pointed to the spot where police say McGinnis found sleeping.

LaBoon claims McGinnis got nice and cozy, turning on the heater and even charging up his cell phone.

“He was sleeping like a baby on a pile of pillows,” said LaBoon.

According to police arrest papers, pizza sauce was found on McGinnis’ left shoulder, and slices were scattered around. Aside from the pizza, he’s not accused of stealing anything, but he charged with burglary.

And as for the break-in: “He was looking for food, and he was looking for somewhere to sleep,” said LaBoon.

KDKA-TV tried reaching McGinnis to get his side of this, but so far, no response.

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