Four Davidson High School (Mobile, Alabama) football players have been suspended following an alleged hazing incident that left a freshman player battered and beaten with a broken arm in the middle of a locker room floor.

Rodney Kim Jr., a 14-year-old quarterback, suffered a broken arm, busted lip and bruises on his back after he was attacked after practice last week.

“He broke his radial bone in his forearm. His physician was able to realign his radial bone,” Mary Kim, Rodney’s mother, told ABC News in an interview. “He’s been complaining of headaches so we took him to the hospital today, because we think he may have a concussion.”

In a leaked video captured by a cell phone, Kim appears to have been shoved to the locker room floor before being pounded by several players, punched and kicked for several seconds as a large group of teammates look on.

According to, the details from the incident are disturbing:

Solis confirmed in the e-mail to that the victim stated he was headed to the locker room and one of the leaders of the team pushed him into the locker room and about 20 other upperclassmen started hitting, kicking and physically jumping on top of him after practice. Davidson head coach Fred Riley, who has been the head coach of the Warriors for the past 14 years, said he could not comment on the incident. Davidson is in the middle of spring football practice and is scheduled to play a spring game at Baldwin County on May 18.

Kim’s parents first learned of the incident after the video was sent to Kim’s sister, ABC News reports.

In a written statement from the Mobile Police Department, Chief of Police Lawrence Battiste wrote, “The Mobile Police Department is aware of the incident that occurred at Davidson High School on April 27, 2018 where a 14-year-old male student was assaulted by several teammates in the locker room after practice. We are actively investigating to determine all individuals responsible for causing the student to sustain a broken arm injury.

“Today, we received the social media video post of the incident and it is being reviewed. Once the investigation has concluded, we will provide an update on those arrested and the charges.”

The injured freshman football player is expected to make a full recovery physically, but his mental state has been altered, his mother says. Those involved in the incident haven’t yet been charged.

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