Scary police footage has emerged of former NFL star Darren McFadden crashing his car into a wall and being arrested.

In February, the former Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders running back pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated from a 2019 incident at a Whataburger restaurant in Texas.

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Police said they arrived at the fast-food restaurant after employees found him passed out in his GMC Yukon in the drive-thru shortly after midnight on January 21, 2019.

Police say that McFadden resisted arrest during the incident that ended with windows broken out of his car.

TMZ obtained police body camera footage of the arrest on Monday that shows all of the above to be true. And more.

Wild video shows McFadden driving his car into the wall of the restaurant while passed out at the wheel before officers scramble to detain him and prevent further damage.

(This video contains NSFW language)

The video starts with an officer knocking on the driver’s side window as McFadden is clearly asleep at the wheel. The car is running, and an officer notes that it’s in drive.

When McFadden doesn’t respond to their knocks, officers begin shaking the SUV to try get his attention.

“Is he alive?” one officer asks.

The SUV then takes off and crashes into the side of the Whataburger. The wheels continue to spin as the nose of the car is wedged against the brick wall. Officers then begin to slam their flashlights into his windows to try to break into the car.

Another angle (at the 3-minute mark of the video) from an officer’s camera at the passenger window confirms that McFadden was indeed unconscious when he apparently hit the gas and slammed into the Whataburger.

An officer eventually got the driver’s side door open, when McFadden woke up, clearly confused. He resisted the officers’ attempt to detain him prompting one to pull his Taser out.

McFadden then followed officers’ orders to get on the ground, where he was handcuffed and detained.

The police bodycam footage shows Darren McFadden unconscious at the wheel. Image: TMZ

McFadden sentenced to four days in jail

In February, McFadden was sentenced to four days in jail after pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated.

He was charged with with driving with a BAC of greater than or equal to .15. A resisting arrest charge that carried up to two years in prison was dismissed as part of the plea deal.

McFadden, 32, played 10 seasons in the NFL from 2008-17.

A first-round pick of the Raiders in 2008, McFadden played seven seasons in Oakland before joining the Cowboys in 2015.

He finished his career in Dallas and hasn’t played since the 2017 season.

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