Two Beaver Hall residents returned from spring break last weekend with the unwelcome surprise of over a thousand dollars worth of items missing from their dorm. 

The alleged culprit? Ines Milosevic, 18, a Penn State women’s tennis player who told officers the incident occurred under the influence of “various substances.” 

Items that were missing from the dorm room included a MacBook Air, bottles of Viktor and Rolf perfume and Lululemon leggings, which totaled $1,388.

After the initial discovery, a student then contacted the victims that her roommate came from the break with the two perfume bottles and the MacBook Air. Penn State police then inspected the McElwain Hall dormitory and discovered the three items left unhidden in the room.

They also found someone else’s debit card in the desk of the roommate.

Police then asked to meet with the reported roommate, Milosevic, 18, on March 12, where she was not hesitant to give information to officers.

Milosevic did not recall how she entered the residential building — however, university camera footage showed her entering as a female student left the building.

Before this occurred, she made several attempts to enter the building according to evidence footage and multiple rejections on her access card. She later told police her reason for entering the building to get a pair of black shoes from the unlocked dorm.

After taking the items from the dorm, she set up her Apple ID and removed information from the MacBook. She later attempted to restore it the next morning.

District Judge Carmine Prestia set Milosevic’s bail to $50,000 unsecured on Wednesday, March 14. She was also charged with both felony charges criminal trespassing and burglary with other misdemeanor charges.

Milosevic is currently a freshman on the women’s tennis team at Penn State, where she advanced to round 32 in singles at ITA Regionals fall competition. She joined the team after being in being in the top 10 of Canadian Juniors for singles and doubles and winning an Ontario Provincial Singles Title.

Milosevic’s preliminary hearing is set for March 21, according to court documents.

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