EDWARDSVILLE – The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) Police Department took a 19-year-old soccer player into custody Friday, Feb. 8, 2018, after being charged through the Madison County States Attorney’s Office on Feb. 1.

Peyton Roehnlt, 19, originally of Metamora, Illinois, was charged with manufacturing fraudulent ID cards – a Class 3 Felony – and possession of fraudulent IDs – a Class 4 Felony. SIUE Police Chief Kevin Schmoll said Roehnlt was selling fake IDs manufactured from her residence on-campus across the country as well as on campus.

Schmoll said the fraudulent identification cards would be sold for approximately $50 each. He said as many as 30 students who were recipients of those fraudulent documents were compliant and turned them over to police.

Roehnlt also turned herself over to authorities, and is out on a $50,000 bond. She has been suspended from the women’s soccer team and has been formally separated from the university. Schmoll said she may also face prison time, and will definitely look toward court costs and fines if convicted.

These charges came from a search warrant executed at Roehnlt’s residence on Jan. 16, 2018, during which Schmoll said a laptop, cellphone and printer all connected to the creation and dissemination of the IDs were found.

“We’re glad we could get these off the street,” Schmoll said. “So, underage people won’t go and buy alcohol. Also, they would not get in trouble for having fake IDs. Students who returned the IDs to us were not charged. Everyone cooperated with us fully.”

While alcohol is not available directly on the SIUE campus, Schmoll said students could go and use them elsewhere, possibly becoming inebriated and then becoming a hazard to themselves or others – especially if behind the wheel of a car.

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