WICHITA FALLS – Two more former Midwestern State University football players are charged in an alleged break-in and assault of another player in a dorm.

Matthew Rowe, 24, and Giacomo Gonzalez, 20, are charged by the Midwestern State University Police Department with burglary.

Another former football player, Marcus Ray Reynolds, 24, was the first suspect charged.  

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All three students have been suspended from the team.

A spokesperson for the university says Rowe was a midterm transfer and was not with the team last year. Gonzalez is a junior and played in three games last season.

Police say the victim was in his dorm in Legacy Hall on March 3 around 4 p.m. when someone knocked. He said he recognized teammate Marcus Reynolds in the peephole and opened the door a crack, and three people rushed in. He says they knocked him down and then punched, kicked and stomped him for about 30 seconds. He said he recognized teammates Reynolds and Rowe.

Another resident of Legacy Hall told police he saw the three suspects in hoodies in the hallway and recognized them, and a few moments later heard screaming and saw the three suspects running out of the victim’s room. He said he went to check and found the victim with blood all over his face.

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