A former Wheaton College football player charged in the team’s hazing scandal will be back to court Thursday.

Noah Spielman entered a plea of not guilty when he was charged, but he is set to reverse that. Prosecutors have not released the details of the plea deal.

Spielman is the son of former Ohio State and all-pro linebacker Chris Spielman. He and four other Wheaton College football players were charged last fall with aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint in connection to a hazing scandal in 2016.

Neither Spielman nor prosecutors have been specific about what charge or charges are part of this plea deal.

A student who has identified himself as Charles Nagy says the players beat and bound him in his dorm room, then took him to a baseball field, leaving him there partially clothed.

Nagy filed a lawsuit last week against the players and school. He says he had to have surgery from some of his injuries. He also withdrew from the school.

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