World Wrestling Entertainment has returned to iOS and Android with WWE Mayhem, a new arcade-style fighting game featuring dozens of current and former WWE Superstars. The game includes single and multiplayer offerings, including a multi-season campaign, and it’s easily one of the best mobile WWE titles yet. But getting your own roster up to speed can be a little difficult for new players, particularly if you’re averse to microtransactions.

We’ve split our WWE Mayhem tips into two categories: advice that will help you in the ring and advice for the moments between fights. And we’re hoping fellow Mayhem players will drop by the comments to share the tips they’ve picked up on their quest for the WWE title. You won’t find any PvP-specific advice here — we’re mostly trying to help new players get a foothold — but some of the advice shared below might benefit you in Mayhem’s competitive environment too.

WWE Mayhem Tips – In The Ring

Guard Early, Guard Often

From what we can tell, guarding is hilariously overpowered in WWE Mayhem. Players don’t have to manage an associated stamina meter, perform additional gestures to block special attacks or worry about a time limit. You’ll take a small bit of damage from blocked attacks. But guarding until you block a charged, heavy or special attack, which briefly stuns your opponent, and then responding with a quick three-hit combination seems to be the most effective strategy during the early seasons. It’s not the flashiest fighting style. But it’ll save you a bunch of money on health kits and revives.

Combo-Focused Offense

Your entire offense should be built around a pair of three-swing combinations: A heavy attack followed by two quick attacks or a pair of quick attacks leading into a heavy. Swipe, Tap, Tap or Tap, Tap, Swipe. The former is especially useful because the heavy attack will automatically be replaced by a dash forward if your opponent is trying to put distance between you. The latter is an effective tool for interrupting incoming attacks.

Charge After Parries

Parrying can be difficult in WWE Mayhem. But anyone who gets good at timing their blocks to incoming attacks will find themselves with numerous opportunities to fire off a Charged attack. The brief stuns that follow normal blocks don’t always give you enough time to channel each wrestlers penultimate offensive maneuver; however, the stun after a successful parry gives you more time to make use of those techniques.

Reversals > Specials

It doesn’t take long to figure out opponents can reverse specials too. Keep an eye on your opponent’s special meter, and let its current status dictate your willingness to use special attacks. If your opponent is stunned and hismeter is low — ideally, so low you know reversals are off the table — then let himfeel the wrath of a Phenomenal Forearm or the Tombstone Piledriver. But if your foe’s special meter is full, wait a special attack and then use your banked power for a reversal and the win.

Use Specials After Stuns

If you do have more stored special power than an opponent, it’s still important to know when to use it. Having a special attack interrupted will cost you however much power you spent on the technique and also gives your opponent an energy boost. We recommend deploying special attacks after stunning an opponent. Stuns happen after you block a Charged, Heavy or Special attack. Wrestlers are also stunned by any strike that depletes the last of their health. We should also note that specials used during a Low Health Stun can’t be countered by most wrestlers.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Each class of wrestler is stronger (and weaker) against another class. These strengths and weaknesses can sometimes create bigger level disparities than the natural abilities of your roster. Here’s a breakdown of the pseudo-rock-paper-scissors system:

  • Technician beats Powerhouse

  • Brawler beats Wildcard

  • Showman beats Brawler

  • Powerhouse (Weights) beats High Flyer

  • High Flyer beats Showman

  • Wildcard beats Technician

WWE Mayhem Tips – Outside The Ring

Claim All Your Freebies

You get a free loot case every day featuring a randomly-selected wrestler or upgrade item. A second case can be opened every four hours to reveal a randomly-selected health or stat boost. Both can be claimed from the Loot tab. There’s also a daily login bonus that becomes more valuable if you log in multiple days in a row. Don’t let the freebies go unclaimed because they’ll help build your roster faster, especially if you don’t want to spend money on microtransactions.

Spend Resources Wisely

You’ll have to upgrade some one-star wrestlers on your roster a few times. We recommend cutting them off when they start requiring class-specific leveling materials. All your specialized leveling items should be saved for your two, three and four-star performers. You may eventually have to start upgrading some of your one-stars to continue progressing through the story. But don’t start investing in them until you know it’s a necessity AND you have one-star wrestlers you want to invest in. Star rankings impact the scalability of the fighter’s stats, meaning those with more stars will be useful for longer stretches. They’ll all need upgrades eventually but higher ranked performers will remain viable much later in the story.  And try to limit your resources investments to one wrestler from each class. You’re already going to spend most of your time with WWE Mayhem struggling to acquire the proper leveling items. No point in ensuring two of your main guys are always competing for specialized resources.

Don’t Quit After A Title Fight

Players receive bonus rewards for any match they win in the first 15 minutes after winning or defending a championship belt. That’s usually enough time to tack the bonus onto at least three to five fight purses, depending on the strength of your wrestlers. And each fight you win during that 15-minute span will include extra rewards, usually in the form of cash or leveling materials, that will help improve your roster.

Use Events To Prep For Tough Seasons

A variety of time-sensitive scenarios are available via WWE Mayhem’s Events screen and we recommend using each as strategically as possible. There are going to be moments when your team doesn’t quite stack up to the next season’s competition, or you’d have to drop to a lower difficulty setting than you’re interested in, and these are the perfect moments to go complete an event. Each bestows a plethora of rewards, from leveling items to loot cases and title bonuses, potentially bridging the gap between your squad and the next wave of competitors. Some events are also repeatable, making it easier to farm for the items needed to upgrade star rankings.


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